Website Design

Having a professional and impactful website is crucial for any business and at Samuel Barnard Media we offer a large range of styles and website builds, ranging from single-page informational sites to multi-page fully detailed websites with animations, videos, documents and email accounts at a very competitive low price. We also offer upkeep packages to keep the website updated with blogs, new images and any other changes that you may wish to make, as often as you want. All of our websites are optimised for mobile too- completely for free!

When shopping around other website designers it can be frustrating to not have an idea of pricing before you contact them, which is why we have created a rough guide of what you can expect to pay depending on complexity and features, but we're also more than happy to talk you through this if you get in contact.

We specialise in small and medium-sized businesses and charities. If you're not sure what you need, why not call us for your free consultation? 

General pricing is subject to change and can be affected by the turnover time requested, the complexity of the website, and other factors. Please do not accept this pricing as concrete as it could be less if bundled with other services such as photography or social media management.