Empowering Communities is a humanitarian charity dedicated to uplifting impoverished and destitute individuals by providing essential support in housing, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

They faced several challenges such as communicating the breadth and depth of their services and fundraising to support their programs and initiatives.


We collaborated with Empowering Communities to develop a comprehensive website and e-commerce store, providing a central platform for information, donations, and merchandise sales.

The website was designed to be user-friendly and informative, highlighting Empowering Communities' mission, programs, success stories, and impact.

The e-commerce store allowed Empowering Communities to sell merchandise and products, generating additional revenue to support their charitable activities.


We crafted a targeted marketing plan to raise awareness and funds for Empowering Communities' initiatives.

Leveraging platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Instagram, we launched advertising campaigns to promote the sale of samosas across the UK. This initiative not only raised funds but also provided employment opportunities for marginalized individuals.

We also ran social media campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to promote charity fundraisers, engage with supporters, and amplify Empowering Communities' message of hope and empowerment.


We developed a comprehensive social media strategy that utilised platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others to reach and engage with Empowering Communities' target audience.

Tailored content calendars were created to ensure consistent and impactful messaging across all social media channels, with a focus on storytelling, empathy, and urgency.

When we took over management in August, total likes and profile views increased an impressive 800%.