Meltdown Bradford is a dine in/ takeaway establishment located in Bradford, UK. With a focus on creative menu items and a vibrant brand identity, Meltdown Bradford aimed to stand out in a competitive market.

The partnership between Meltdown Bradford and Samuel Barnard Media was instrumental in establishing a strong brand presence and driving customer engagement.


We collaborated with Meltdown Bradford to develop a captivating brand identity that resonated with the target audience. This included creating a unique logo that embodied the essence of the business - bold, dynamic, and appetising. Additionally, we provided expertise in paint and colour schemes, ensuring that the physical space of Meltdown Bradford reflected its brand profile seamlessly.

We also developed a menu for them to cater to the preferences of the target demographic while maintaining the brand's identity.


Recognising the importance of a strong online presence, we assisted Meltdown Bradford in setting up and managing their Google Business profile. This included optimising the listing with relevant information, photos, and customer reviews to enhance visibility and credibility in local search results. 


To generate buzz and attract customers, Samuel Barnard Media produced engaging marketing material for Meltdown Bradford. This included captivating Instagram Reels and TikToks that showcased the menu items and vibrant atmosphere of the takeaway. The marketing campaign was a resounding success, with the intro video alone garnering an impressive 55.7k views, catapulting Meltdown Bradford to widespread popularity on social media platforms.


We designed images to showcase Meltdown Bradford's offerings in a visually appealing and appetising manner, tailored for food delivery services and marketing: